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Scales and Modes for Mandolin eBook
Glowfly Press

Scales and Modes for Mandolin eBook

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Nine out of ten mandolin teachers agree that learning to play scales will help you become a better mando player. Yes, that is a made-up statistic, but learning scales has undeniable benefits for every musician.

First, playing scales will encourage finger dexterity, which makes playing everything else easier. You will begin building muscle memory for common shapes and patterns that show up in all kinds of songs.

Second, mastering scales will help you learn to solo. Hearing scales trains your brain to recognize harmony and understand what notes sound good together and why. Finally, scales are the true foundation for learning more advanced music theory. They are the building blocks of pretty much every bit of music we hear.

Our free e-book “Selected Scales and Modes for Mandolin” contains two moveable patterns to help you learn to play six essential scales anywhere on your mandolin’s neck. We’ve included:

  • Major Scale
  • Natural Minor Scale (Aeolian Mode)
  • Minor Pentatonic Scale
  • Minor Blues Scale
  • Dorian Mode
  • Mixolydian Mode

Start anywhere on the fretboard and follow the pattern. Our big, beautiful, easy-to-read diagrams have color-coded dots to demonstrate suggested fingering. They also have clearly marked root notes so you can see where the scale would typically begin and end.

Yes, there are many more scales and more patterns you can learn, but this e-book will get you started with the basics as painlessly as possible.

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